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Hard Gel its a revolution to the nail industry

elizabeth mullaney

Posted on September 04 2018

I wanted to put our hard gel to the test.  What better way than letting my nearest and dearest trial it out for me!  My mum is an avid gardener and her nails are weak from all the work she does digging and planting.  Whilst she is obviously one of my biggest fan's, I can always rely on her for honest and if needed, brutal feedback.  She used the hard gel on her nails, coated with the radiant "Hello Sailor" and set to work pruning her bush (I'm not even kidding) every day she was doing a manual task of some kind, whether in the garden or in her house.  By the end of the week her nails were still looking good, there was no chips nor scratches even! The only give away was the mud round her nail bed.
The hard nail gel is a great product and is versatile for those wanting longer nails or just a coating to protect the natural nail.  Stiletto forms can be used alongside the hard gel to build longer nails and is perfect for those who prefer not to have tips.  It comes in a handy 7ml or 15 ml bottle for personal or salon use.  Infills take minimal time.
Let us know how long your nails last using this product 
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