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        Claw Culture Cosmetics Limited

        Contact Information: Claw Culture Cosmetics Limited, c/o Unit 6 Park Road Industrial Estate, BACUP, Lancashire, OL13 0BW.


        Emergency Contact Number: 07495 930061

        Product Name: No Wipe Top Coat

        Composition & Ingredient Information


        INCI  NAME



        % (W/T)












        2,4,6 trimethylbenzoyldipenyl Phosphine oxide


        Light curing









        First Aid

        Products contain acrylic resin and may cause skin, eye and respiratory tract irritation. 

        Accidental ingestion :Harmful for health

        Accidental into the eye:Stimulated

        Inhalation:contact may Stimulate the Respiratory tract.

        Skin contact :skin contact may stimulate skin and cause Skin allergy.

        Sight contact: contact may stimulate eyes

        Product can cause irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract issues.  Accidental ingestion of this product is harmful to health and immediate medical attention should be sought.   Avoid skin contact or the product entering the eyes.

        Ensure the product is used in well ventilated areas.  If respiratory irritation occurs seek fresh air.  If irritation occurs to skin wash thoroughly with soap and seek medical attention if required.  Stop use immediately.  In the event of contact to the eyes – immediately flush eyes with water for approximately 15 minutes.  If required, seek medical attention. 

        Accidental ingestion: Seek immediate medical attention

        Fire Fighting Measures

        Extinguishing media – foam fire extinguisher or dry ice extinguisher

        No Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture.

        Advice for firefighters Flash point: 105℃

        Auto ignition temperature: not available

        Flammable/blast minimum levels: not available

        Flammable blast maximum levels: not available

        Special fire prevention measures: none

        Unusual fire or explosion Risk: uncontrollable polymerization at high temperature can cause explosion or crack of the bottle.

        Harmful products of combustion: Oxides of carbon. Oxides of sulphur. Oxides of nitrogen. Oxides of phosphorus. Other irritating organic gas

        Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures

        Skin and eye protection: Use gel polish in a well-ventilated environment.

        Use disposable gloves and face shield to protect eyes and skin from accidental contact – follow First Aid advice as set out above in event of an emergency.  Do not ingest.

        Safe handling

        Use in an area with appropriate ventilation. Do not use in high temperatures, freezing temperatures or around sparks or flames. Prevent direct contact with skin and clothing.

        Conditions for safe storage- store in a cool and dry area which is well ventilated.  Use within 12 months.

        Physical chemical properties

        Viscosity (25 oC mPa.s)                1500-2000 mPa.s

        Odour                                              Acrylate resin

        PH                                                     7.0

        Density (g/cm3)                             1.06

        Stability & Reactivity

        May be effected by exposure to the light and high temperature.

        Storage temperature: 8 - 28 ℃

        Incompatible materials Incompatibility: Strong oxidizing agents. Strong Acids & Alkaline.

        Hazardous decomposition products: Oxides of carbon. Oxides of sulphur. Oxides of nitrogen. Oxides of phosphorus. Other organic gas.

        Toxicological Information

        This product is free from solvent, carcinogenic material. General damage is from contact stimulation.  Excessive or repeated contact may stimulate skin; contact may stimulate eyes. The main irritant is acrylic esters. This product is a low toxicity, LD50>3000mg/kg


        Ecological Information

        Avoid placing hands into water before curing. There is no damage to the environment after curing.

        Disposal Guidelines

        After use dispose of accordingly in the general waste.

        Transporting information

        This product does not contain dangerous substances for the purpose of transport

        Regulatory Information

        This product complies with requirements within UK


        Claw Culture Cosmetics Limited works tirelessly to work with established manufacturers.  It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for their requirements and undertake a personal Risk Assessment prior to use.  All information appearing herein is obtained from the manufacturers. While the information is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief Claw Culture Cosmetics Limited makes no representation as to its accuracy or sufficiency. Judgement as to the suitability of products are the purchaser’s sole responsibility.