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        Look Good Live

        Look Good Live

        Come and Join us at Look Good Live 

        26th, 27th and 28th November 2021 at Coventry Building Society Arena

        Read Annie-Mae's Learner to Professional Journey

        Read Annie-Mae's Learner to Professional Journey

        Student to Professional: My journey

        by Annie-Mae


        My passion for beauty started at the age of 14 when, like most young girls, I started experimenting with nails at home. I quickly became self-taught through watching YouTube videos and practising on my family.


        This passion continued and, after completing my GCSE’s, I enrolled at the Yorkshire College of Beauty for 2 years. At this time, I also started an apprenticeship in a local salon, which enabled me to upskill further with nails, lashes, and all things beauty.


        During my apprenticeship I developed a real understanding of how a beauty salon operates; from the basics of booking clients’ appointments to performing beauty treatments in a confident and professional manner. The aim: to ensure customers left feeling 100% satisfied with their treatment. I received fantastic feedback and built-up my own clientele, which was a real confidence boost.  Apprenticeship pay is extremely low, however I stayed with the salon for a year and a half and then decided it was time to set up on my own! I explored and researched products, equipment and had my own business cards professionally designed as well as uniform and (crucially) insurance. I really wanted to have the best professional image possible. Whilst building up clientele, I took on extra work in a shop to support my income and this also allowed me to buy the best quality salon products. During this time, I was still studying at the Yorkshire College of Beauty and working hard to achieve my NVQ Level 2 and 3, which I have now successfully completed and passed.


        Whilst in my second year at Yorkshire College of Beauty I was approached by the training team to help new students in completing their Level 2 and 3. This was an exciting opportunity, but unfortunately due to the escalating coronavirus situation it couldn’t be fulfilled. I might revisit teaching in the future!


        The journey hasn’t always been easy, there have been many challenges with working in different salons and launching my own beauty business. I’ve discovered that salons don’t always work in the same way and there are some fantastic products on the market as well as some that are not so good, which result in poor outcomes for clients! Research really is the key to success.  


        I’m always striving to find new gel colours and nail products that perform well for me and my clients, therefore when I discovered Claw Culture I was absolutely delighted. The range of colours is fantastic and new products are always being developed, which is so exciting, my clients really love them! This nail brand really is the best and since using Claw products I now have clients that will only use this brand! I signed up for the Monthly Subscription Box, which enables me to choose 3 gel polish colours every 30 days and at least 4 other products are included in the box, which differ each month, e.g. Claw Candy, seasonal stickers, it’s so existing when the box is delivered! The Sub-Box is so affordable and allows me to build up my Claw collection.


        Customer service is second to none, I had a problem with the Builder Gel (popular in strengthening and building nails for acrylic), after using it on a client it came off within a few days and my client really wasn’t impressed. I contacted Claw Culture and the issue was resolved straightaway. The team gave me lots of advice and guidance on how to apply the gel, which resolved the problem. I’m pleased to say that I have reused this product and it has lasted so much longer. My client, that was initially not impressed, now loves it! My advice here is to always report any issues with products. If the problem is user error/inexperience, then Claw will help and guide you.


        My personal and very passionate message to anyone starting in the beauty industry is: Never, ever give up, the journey might not be easy, but you will learn so much, do your research and ask questions!


        I am so excited for the future and I hope my story will inspire you to take the same path, good luck!




        Annie  x


        Hard Gel its a revolution to the nail industry

        Hard Gel its a revolution to the nail industry

        I wanted to put our hard gel to the test.  What better way than letting my nearest and dearest trial it out for me!  My mum is an avid gardener and her nails are weak from all the work she does digging and planting.  Whilst she is obviously one of my biggest fan's, I can always rely on her for honest and if needed, brutal feedback.  She used the hard gel on her nails, coated with the radiant "Hello Sailor" and set to work pruning her bush (I'm not even kidding) every day she was doing a manual task of some kind, whether in the garden or in her house.  By the end of the week her nails were still looking good, there was no chips nor scratches even! The only give away was the mud round her nail bed.

        The hard nail gel is a great product and is versatile for those wanting longer nails or just a coating to protect the natural nail.  Stiletto forms can be used alongside the hard gel to build longer nails and is perfect for those who prefer not to have tips.  It comes in a handy 7ml or 15 ml bottle for personal or salon use.  Infills take minimal time.
        Let us know how long your nails last using this product